.she gets on a plane.

In her absence
I am plain.

Her departure
Even only
For a moment

Is anguish.

I have learned
That love
Is the needle
That burns
And releases
In one instant.

It is a word
Meaning balance.

It stands alone
Does not question
It’s purpose
But knows
It is much more beautiful
When shared.

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The elevator creeks to it’s same hault.

The door, slides open. It smells of the people who

are too lazy to take the stairs,

the long way….

no one ever likes taking the long way.

The short cut, the elevator

waits for you

takes you places

traps you

keeps you there until 

someone pulls the doors open and you slide out 

just before it bottoms out

on the last floor.

I can’t help but wonder why man

invented something

that mocks him so.

I have no patience…

to wait on the elevator to use other people

to rise to the top…

you see the elevator does not act

unless you act upon it

and i’ve never been one to wait patiently for someone to push my 

buttons too many times…

too many times.

I’ve become accustomed to

taking the stairs.

I always move on the top floor…

I’ve learned that if I am not there then I am mixed somewhere 

in between…

and I dont like being in between too long

so the elevator 

freaks me out… 


and waiting

for more people…

Maybe it’s because 

I was an elevator once…


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…our bodies weep
At the beds lack of empathy
And our arms are slack
With exhaustion.

I ask you,
Have you ever
Fallen in love
With the hour…

So fleeting…
But twice a day
She comes to you
Filled with promise.

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we are a strange species.


we are a strange species.

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"Our culture has accepted two huge lies: The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear them or hate them. The second is that to love someone means you agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate."

- Rick Warren (via finding-sharon)

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OMG… So cuuuute.

OMG… So cuuuute.

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Omg this site has the most amazing jewelry!

Omg this site has the most amazing jewelry!

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.how to sleep alone, together.

Sometimes the silence is meant for the evening
And we are meant for midnight
And the sweat from our backs
Is meant to grieve the tangle of sheets…

For one night…


Lovers are not meant for each other
Only ourselves and silence
And the glitter behind closed eyelids
Is your audience
The buzz of nothing
And loud chatty thoughts.

The evening,
The darkness,
The silence
Is noticeable and thick.

My skin is not meant for touching
And sometimes
Its ok
To be empty handed
And whole.

I am no one’s
But my own.

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Bc I don’t think we would accept it. Their blackness would be questioned.




Bc I don’t think we would accept it. Their blackness would be questioned.


Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the Eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She is generally regarded by Egyptologists as one of the most successful pharaohs, reigning longer than any other woman of an indigenous Egyptian dynasty.


This is inspiring.

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"…and when asked how much I loved you,
I hope you tell them so much
That on rainy days you could feel the ache of it in your bones."

- Succinct